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We ship peppers via USPS priority mail. We ONLY ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings to ensure your peppers are delivered fresh to your door. Shipping cost is included in the price of all small flat rate box orders.  Shipping will be calculated and added to the pound price for all bulk orders.


We sell mixed boxes for quick purchase through our website.  Bulk or specialty orders can be arranged depending upon availability.  We also consider contract growing for sauce makers with specific needs.  Contact us for details.  We accept Paypal. 

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We are simple people with a passion for peppers!  We take pride in our farm, in our community, and most importantly....our product!

We bring Florida heat to the table!

Providing you with the freshest, most unique, extremely hot peppers at competitive prices.​

Our Mission

Our small farm, The Third Turtle Ranch, is located in the heart of central Florida.   Our business is family owned and operated.  Our farm is not only our livelihood, it is our home.  ​

​​​hot peppers and powders

Our pepper plants are carefully tended, and our peppers are hand picked.   Every pepper is inspected before it ships to ensure that you receive only the best we have to offer! 

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